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Repair Loans

Loan Programs

If you are a homeowner or landlord who needs financing for home improvement or emergency repairs, NHS Brooklyn will help you obtain low-interest loans:

  • Owner occupants of 1- to 4-unit homes

  • Owners of 5- to 20-unit residential buildings or mixed-use properties


You will need to meet with a counselor to discuss your needs.

Loans for Owner-Occupied Buildings of 1- to 4-Units

This loan provides homeowners with financing to repair water mains, boilers, sewer lines, sidewalk violations, roofs, plumbing and electrical, conditions dangerous to health and safety, and sidewalks where a violation has been issued. Other emergency repairs may apply. The maximum loan amount is $10,000, with low interest rates and a maximum term of 5 years. Follow these steps to begin the application process:

Step 1: Gather Documents

Make photocopies of the following documents. All documents must be the most recent copy received. Click here to download and print the list.

1. Photo identification

2. Information on income and assets:

•  Recent pay stubs or pay slips (for the past two pay periods)

•  Award letter(s) for Social Security, SSI, pension, alimony decisions, etc.

•  Tax returns and W2s for the past two years

•  Checking and savings account statements for the past two months

•  Rental Income Lease (if applicable)

3. Information on bills:

•  Credit card statements: MasterCard, Visa, Sears, Macy’s, etc.

•  Car loan statement and any other installment loan statement

•  Life insurance statement

•  Student loan statement

•  Gas bill

•  Electric bill

•  Telephone bill

•  Water & sewer bill 

•  Mortgage coupon or statement

4. Information about the home:

•  Title report or title policy

•  Deed to property and any other documents that show ownership

•  Homeowner’s insurance policy

•  Property tax statement

•  Assessment and Market Value statement (issued in January by NYC Dept. of Finance)

5. Contractor’s Estimate

6. Check or Money Order

A non-refundable money order for $150.00 made payable to "NEIGHBORHOOD HOUSING SERVICES." This is an application fee (includes report credit fee for the first two names on the title.

Step 2: Make an Appointment

To request an appointment to meet with a counselor, call 718-469-4679 or click here.

At your appointment, the counselor will determine your eligibility for a loan and coordinate next steps. Please remember to bring the documents listed above to your appointment, including a work estimate from a licensed and insured contractor. Some projects may require our Construction Services Department to conduct site inspections, prepare a scope of work, schedule payments to the contractor, and issue a Certificate of Completion.


Loans for Owners of 5- to 20-Unit Residential Buildings and Mixed-Use Properties

Please call us at 718-469-4679 for the list of required documents to submit.

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