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First-Time Home buyer Program

Research has shown that home buyers who receive counseling and education before purchasing a property are eligible for superior mortgage terms from many banks and are less likely to go into foreclosure.

Our First-time Home Buyer Education Program:

  • is HUD-certified and approved

  • prepares you for the responsibilities of homeownership

  • empowers you to make smart home-buying decisions

  • connects you to the most affordable mortgage products as well as down-payment and closing cost assistance, if you qualify.

We offer a full suite of education options:

First-Time Home Buyer Webinars

Free 90-minute overview of the home buying process, our homeownership education program, grants, and assembling your home-buying team. Offered twice monthly except in December. Register Here for an upcoming date. NOTE: This is NOT the class for which you receive a Certificate of Completion.   

Home Buyer Certification


When you complete one-on-one counseling and our First-Time Home Buyer Education course, you'll receive a Certificate of Completion. This Certificate qualifies you to apply for down-payment and closing cost assistance from NHS Brooklyn for which you may be eligible and special first-time home buyer mortgages with our partner banks. 


NOTE: You must take a mortgage from one of our partner banks in order to receive a grant from us. The grant you receive will be in addition to any grant your mortgage lender may provide. Grants may be layered (combined). We do not recommend going to a bank to pre-qualify for a mortgage before completing one-on-one counseling,  because doing so will have a negative impact on your credit. Also, if the bank is not one of our partners, you will not be eligible for our  downpayment or closing cost grants.

Here are the two required steps that you must complete to receive a Certificate of Completion: 

  • ​Step 1: One-on-One Counseling 

    Includes personalized attention, credit review, and printout of your credit report with score. Required to receive a Certificate of Completion. We strongly recommend receiving one-on-one counseling PRIOR to taking the 10-hour Homeownership course.

    To schedule a telephone appointment with a counselor, complete the Intake Form and submit it with all required documents to our office by mailing it to NHS Brooklyn, 2806 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11226, Attn: Homeownership Program or drop it off in person. 

    Make Payment

    Please also submit $75 payment here for the first two people purchasing the home and $35 payment here for each additional person purchasing the home, if any.*

    * No PayPal account? Sign in as a guest by clicking "Pay with Debit or Credit Card"

    NOTE: Please make payment within 72 hours of submission of your Intake Form and required documents to avoid deletion of your file.

    After your packet is checked for completeness, a counselor will contact you to set up an appointment for in-person counseling. 

  • Step 2: Homeownership Course 

    After one-on-one counseling and after the counselor has confirmed that you are "mortgage ready," he will approve you to take the 10-hour online course. If you would like to take the course in person, submit payment here. If you would like to take the course online, submit payment here

Financial, Insurance & Emergency Preparedness Education


We strongly encourage all first-time home buyers to attend our webinars and events designed to help them be ready for home buying, stay on track once becoming a homeowner, and avoid financial disasters before and after buying a home. These include monthly webinars on Financial Coaching & Credit Improvement, Property Insurance Education for First-Time Home Buyers, Renter's Insurance Education, and Flood Insurance Education as well as quarterly events on Fire Safety, Emergency Preparedness, and other critical topics.


For a list of upcoming events, go here. 

Home Buyers in Contract or With a Closing Date

If you found a house, made an offer that was accepted, and are now under contract or have a closing date, we may still be able to help. NOTE: Using this service will NOT help you get a grant faster, even if you are eligible. Please provide the details here.

Credit Report

If all you need is a copy of your credit report and score, and do not need to review it with a counselor, submit a $35 payment here.*


* No PayPal account? Sign in as a guest by clicking "Pay with Debit or Credit Card"

landlord training

NHS Brooklyn offers a Landlord Training course for current and future owners of 2- to 4-unit homes. This course meets HUD Education requirements for loans and grants.

The two-hour session provides what every owner needs to know about NYC regulations, fair housing and lease rules, and multi-unit property insurance. 

Certificate of Completion


After the webinar, you will receive a Certificate of Completion

Course Outline

  1. Maintain Your Property’s Market Value​

  2. Leases: Starting, Renewing & Ending

  3. Make Your Home Energy-Eficient

  4. Landlord’s Responsibilities:​

  • HPD Residential Building Registration

  • Inspecting a Rental Unit for Safe and Sanitary Conditions

  • Garbage and Recycling

  • Sidewalks & Snow Removal Rules

  • Heat Season Rules

  • Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

  • Window Guards

  • Lead Paint & Asbestos


The Certificate of Completion for this course meets HUD Education Requirements, which is necessary for certain loan and grant applications.

HUD Certifications are valid for 12 months from issue date.


Effective April 2024, there is no charge for this training. Register for an upcoming training, offered twice monthly at 3:00pm and 6:00pm, here

​affordable property management

We offer affordable property management services to landlords and owners of small (1-4 unit) properties who live on their property and to those who don't. For more information, go here or contact Isanna Saxon, Property Management Administrator, at 718-469-4679  x1207.

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Landlord Training

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