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Your Homebuying Journey


Where are you in the homebuying process?


Not yet ready to buy a home or not sure where to start?

Register to attend one of our free First-Time Homebuyer Webinars for an overview of the steps to homeownership, do’s and don’ts, and available resources, including down-payment and closing-cost assistance programs for which you may be eligible. Let us know you're interested by completing this form and we'll notify you of the next event. 

Have you already made an offer on a property?

If you found a property, made an offer to the seller, and are either in contract or have a closing date, go to this form; check "Fast Track" in the Home Buyer Services section; and a counselor will contact you.

Plan to purchase a home in the next year?

Complete the following REQUIRED steps to learn about the home-buying process, qualify for certain first-time home buyer mortgages, and determine if you're eligible for down-payment and closing-cost assistance through NHS Brooklyn.

Step 1: Submit an Application

Download and complete our Intake Form and follow all directions. After receipt of your complete packet, a HUD-certified homeownership counselor will contact you to set up a one-on-one telephone counseling session. 


Step 2: One-on-One Counseling


Once your complete packet is received and reviewed, a counselor will contact you to set up an appointment for one-on-one counseling. During the counseling session, the counselor will coach you on the home purchase process and provide you with a personalized credit and budget analysis, affordability analysis, and action plan: your step-by-step guide to achieving successful home buying.

​Step 3: Homebuyer Education Course (Homebuyers Club)


This online course provides the information that every first-time home buyer should know to be an empowered, educated consumer making well-informed decisions. The course covers the following topics:​​


  • Home buyer readiness

  • Budget and credit

  • Getting a mortgage 

  • Shopping for a home

  • Keeping your home and managing your finances

Register to take the online course here.   


Let your counselor know when you've completed the course, so that you can receive your Certificate of Completion. This Certificate is valid for six months, with an option to renew for six months

​Step 4: You're "Mortgage-Ready"!

​​Once you've received your personalized action plan from your homeownership counselor, taken the Home Buyer Education course, and received your Certificate of Completion, your counselor will then help you: 

  • Access the most competitive mortgage quotes from our partner banks

  • Compare the quotes you receive to determine which is best for you

  • Apply for down-payment and closing-cost assistance for which you may be eligible, once you've identified a property and have made an offer that has been accepted


After receiving the certificate, prospective homebuyer begins the path to homeownership.

  • Present the certificate of eligibility to a participating lender** for pre-approval on a mortgage loan.

  • After receiving pre-approval from a participating lender, consult a reputable real estate professional to identify an affordable home.

  • Hire a real estate lawyer.

  • Negotiate a contract of sale with a seller.


* If paying this fee would be a hardship, please email

** Your counselor will share our list of participating lenders with you during one-on-one counseling. If you have been pre-qualified for a mortgage but have not yet begun counseling with us, please contact us to see if the lender that pre-qualified you for a mortgage is one of our partners.

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