Our Mission  


Neighborhood Housing Services of Brooklyn CDC, Inc. is a nonprofit housing organization that initiates, develops, and maintains programs designed to create affordable, decent, and safe housing and communities. Our plan is to:


  • Renovate, rehabilitate, repair, develop, and preserve housing in Brooklyn, New York, and surrounding areas in conjunction with city, state, and federal government agencies and programs.

  • Encourage the preservation and growth of healthy, stable, and diverse neighborhoods in Brooklyn, New York.


  • Provide economic empowerment by offering opportunities in homeownership, financial literacy, training, job development, and business development. 



NHS Brooklyn envisions a city of affordable, healthy, and sustainable communities.



NHS Brooklyn believes in: 

  • Integrity and fairness

  • Embracing and respecting diversity

  • Open, honest communication

  • Responsive, respectful customer service

  • Resident leadership

  • Empowerment through education

  • A working environment in which employees are accountable, respected, and appreciated. 


2806 Church Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11226


9701 Avenue L

Brooklyn, NY 11236

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Neighborhood Housing Services Brooklyn

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