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Clean Energy Hub

Households can receive a no-cost, comprehensive home energy assessment to pinpoint where energy and dollars are being wasted and receive a customized plan to lower energy usage.

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Energy Efficiency Resources
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No-cost, no middleman improvements!

Energy-saving improvements identified during the assessment that can be installed by participating-program contractors include:

  • Install High-Efficiency Lighting

  • Carbon-Monoxide Detector

  • Smoke Detector

  • Furnace Filter/Furnace Slot Cover


Also available through the program:

  • Shower Heads

  • Door Sweeps

  • Weather-Stripping

Additional services available through the program include:

  • Evaluation of your existing heating system and identification of opportunities for switching to clean heat alternatives.

  • Inspection of your heating distribution system (the ducts or pipes that bring you heat).

  • Assessment of the insulation levels in the home, which usually involves probing the walls for insulation, inspecting the attic or roof insulation, measuring the home, and ensuring that insulation is in all the right places

  • Measurement of air leakage in the home using a “blower door.” This device helps us determine if the house is drafty, has leaks, and is getting sufficient fresh air after the work is done.

  • A check for gas leaks, if natural gas or propane are in use at the dwelling.


Interested or have questions?


For more information and how to apply, contact Diane Dorsainvil, Program Coordinator, at or call her during regular business hours at 718-469-4679.

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