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Free Foreclosure Intervention Services


Are you behind paying your mortgage? Afraid the bank will foreclose (take your home)? Are you already in foreclosure? Are you not sure? Don’t suffer in silence or risk losing your home. Let NHS Brooklyn help!

  • We're a nonprofit listed as a trusted housing organization with the NYS Attorney General's office

  • Our housing counselors are HUD-certified and specially trained in foreclosure intervention

  • Our services are FREE OF CHARGE.

How NHS can help

Our professional housing counselors will:

  • Explain the mortgage modification process in plain English

  • Evaluate modification programs and other options for which you may be eligible

  • Negotiate lower payments with servicers and lenders

  • Assist with hardships letters and budgets

  • Help clients apply for financial and hardship assistance for which clients are eligible

  • Refer clients to free legal assistance

  • Suggest other ways clients can save on housing expenses, including insurance, property taxes, utility bills, and more.

NOTE: Do NOT hire an attorney or give an attorney or anyone else money to help you until you speak with one of our HUD-certified housing counselors.

For a preliminary conversation with a housing counselor, please be ready to email copies of these documents:

  • Mortgage Note (from closing documents) OR Modification Agreement—whichever is most recent

  • Monthly mortgage statement (bill)

  • Income information (4 consecutive paystubs if paid weekly, 2 if paid bi-weekly; Social Security award letter; pension letter; child support, etc.)

  • Identification


Documents to submit for in-depth counseling:


Click here for the intake form to complete and the full list of documents needed for in-depth intake counseling, then call 718-469-4679 to set a telephone appointment with a housing counselor. 


Your situation is URGENT if you have been served with a Summons & Complaint! Call our Foreclosure Intervention Program immediately at 718-469-4679 if you have received a legal document called a 'Summons and Complaint" or click here to send a high-priority email. Do NOT hire an attorney or give an attorney money until you speak with one of our HUD-certified housing counselors.

Free Mortgage Check-up

Let an NHS Brooklyn housing counselor do a quick review of the terms of your current mortgage to determine whether or not it fits your current financial needs and your future financial goals. The counselor will also compare the interest rate to today's rates to see if a refinance could result in a rate reduction, and check for any adjustable terms or balloon payments that you may not be aware of or remember. At the end of the mortgage check-up, your counselor will either recommend that you explore a refinance or keep your current loan. Complete this form or call 718-469-4679 to request telephone counseling. 

Beware of Scams!


Already in a vulnerable position due to hardship, many homeowners are losing their homes and savings to real estate fraud and foreclosure modification scams. Don't be taken advantage of! Click here to learn more about how to protect yourself and report abuse.


NHS Brooklyn is on the New York State Attorney General’s Office’s list of approved non-profit organizations offering foreclosure intervention assistance. We also collaborate with the Real Estate Fraud Unit of the Kings County District Attorney to educate homeowners about scams and identify cases of alleged abuse.

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