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Chief Executive Officer

Tonya Ores

Director of Finance

Parvez Mushtaq

Director of Operations

Angella Cummings

Program Director

Angella Davidson

Director of Property Management

Dionne Christopher

Program Manager   Housing Development, Rehab & Affordable Property Management

Byron Todman

Government & Community Relations Manager

Tyrone McDonald

Marketing Manager

Laura McKenna

HR Administrator

Regina Spann


Housing Counselor

Iremia Bradford

Housing Counselor

Clarence Cleaves

Housing Counselor

Kiya Smith

Housing Counselor

Ayodele Watford

Housing Counselor   Resiliency & Insurance

Monroe Shannon

Community Health Worker

Jared Grant

Community Health Worker

Jonathan Timal

Affordable Property Management Administrator

Isanna Saxon

Executive Assistant

Bridgette Jankie

Program Assistant

Gary Jimenez

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