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Job Title: Housing Counselor – Full Time / Exempt

Reports to: Director of Operations


Overview: The Housing Counselor markets and administers a comprehensive homeownership program. He/She uses his/her knowledge of the lending process to further NHS counseling activities daily. The Housing Counselor manages all aspects of the Homeownership Program and ensures that its goals and objectives are achieved, and that policies, procedures and practices are adhered to.

1. The Housing Counselor educates clients to help them with the mortgage process and assists clients through the process of obtaining a mortgage.

  • At seminars and individual counseling sessions, the Housing Counselor walks the client through the mortgage application process. He/She helps the client collect all required documents to complete a mortgage application file. He/She may refer the client to an outside agency or to another NHS department for additional counseling if needed. 

  • The Housing Counselor offers individual pre-purchase counseling. He/She explains the mortgage process from the initial application to loan closing. The Homeownership Counselor must be aware of the need for confidentiality of written and verbal communications with the clients.  

  • The Housing Counselor assists the client in understanding and obtaining pertinent information and documentation and acts as a liaison between the lending institution and the client.

  • The Housing Counselor must maintain monthly loan submittals that meet minimum goals set by his/her supervisor. 

  • The Housing Counselor provides post-purchase counseling to ensure that the client continues to meet Homeownership responsibilities to prevent foreclosures.

  • The Housing Counselor attends workshops and training and stays up-to-date on the regulations and issues impacting the home buying process. He/She conducts seminars and workshops as necessary and must be available to conduct these seminars and workshops as required by his/her supervisor.


2. The Housing Counselor manages all aspects of the Homeownership Program and ensures that its goals and objectives are achieved, and that policies, procedures and practices are adhered to.

  • The Housing Counselor ensures quality service is provided to the community. He/She monitors the Homeownership Program’s processes to assess high quality program services. He/She supervises the preparation of workshop and class curricula.

  • The Housing Counselor reviews the services provided by the Homeownership Program and evaluates its performance and effectiveness. He/She ensures that the program meets homeownership approved quantitative and qualitative performance standards set in the annual plan. He/She ensures that the management information system allows him/her to effectively track actual performance against projected performance.

3. Coordinates individual counseling sessions, lectures, classes, seminars, workshops, and club meetings pertaining to NHS Programs.

  • The Housing Counselor assists the Director to develop curricula, prepare materials and identify instructors for education classes, seminars and clubs.

  • The Housing Counselor secures space for Homeownership and insurance events and schedules lectures, classes, seminars, workshops, and club meetings.  

  • The Housing Counselor informs clients, lending institutions, NHS staff about Homeownership and insurance education initiatives. He/She disseminates information on a timely basis and maintains records of all correspondence

4. Marketing and Outreach Strategies

  • The Housing Counselor communicates with social service agencies, public officials, community and business groups, and lending institutions regularly to develop good public relations. He/She corresponds by mail, over the telephone, and in person, and makes contacts at community events.   

  • The Housing Counselor assists the Director of Operations in the design, implementation and administration of the homeownership education program. He/she helps assess the needs and implements new homeownership initiatives throughout the organization.

5. Is a network for information about affordable housing, buying, maintaining and keeping a home:

  • Stays current on the issues that are important, including leasing, credit, homeowner’s and renter’s insurance, and affordable housing.

  • Stays current on the issues of tenants in New York City

Qualifications: Degree and/or experience in real estate, mortgage products, underwriting, housing counseling, strong administrative, interpersonal, marketing, sales, and presentation skills required; proficient in the use of computer software. Bilingual is a plus. 


Starting Salary: Commensurate with experience.


Send Resume and Cover Letter to:

Eleannet Holguin, Office Administrator

NHS Brooklyn CDC, Inc.

2806 Church Avenue

Brooklyn NY 11226



2806 Church Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11226


9701 Avenue L

Brooklyn, NY 11236

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