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Affordable Housing Corporation (AHC)

Home Repair Grant • Round 3
CLOSED 12/19/2022

As of 12/19/2022, no more applications for this round of funding for this grant are being accepted.

The information below is for information purposes only.

If you would like to apply for a home repair loan, go here

HoMe Help for Heroes Grant

Accessibility Assistance Grant for Brooklyn Veterans

NHS Brooklyn is offering a grant to Brooklyn veterans who own or rent a home and who have mobility challenges due to combat, a non-combat-related injury, serious illness, or age to make modifications to their home that would help them continue to live in the home comfortably and independently.

The income limit is 120% of the NYC Average Median Income, according to household size. Check limits here to see a chart of limits for each household size. (Use the slider bar at the bottom of the chart until 120% is visible, then find the amount in that column that corresponds with the row that represents the number of people in your household.) Download, complete, and submit the application here. NOTE: The application does not yet reflect updated income limits for 2022, so please cross-check with this chart for 120% Average Median Income (AMI). 

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