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Tonight @6pm! Flooding & Insurance: The least you should know

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It's hurricane season, as anyone in Florida will tell you.

NYC is at risk for flooding due to rising tides, storm surge, and moving ground water.

If you're a homeowner or tenant, only a flood policy (NOT a home insurance policy) covers these events if your home takes on water.

Is your home even at risk if you don't have a flood insurance policy? If you don't know and you're in a high risk zone, you may be in for an ugly surprise in the event of a hurricane.

In a free webinar tonight at 6pm on FLOOD INSURANCE AND FLOOD RISK, an insurance expert from nonprofit NHS Brooklyn who is a former insurance agent will help you determine your home's flood risk, know what flood insurance does and doesn't cover, and how to talk to your agent if there's suddenly water in your home. (Hint: DON'T say it flooded!)

Register here for tonight's 6pm FLOOD INSURANCE: THE LEAST YOU SHOULD KNOW Zoom webinar. NO sales, just education!

Note: Zoom will email a confirmation with the link to join and also, at 5pm, Zoom will email the link to join at 6pm. If you don't see those emails, check your junk and spam folders.



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