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Survive a disaster this summer

Updated: May 13, 2021



June 1 marks the beginning of Hurricane Season and deadly heatwaves aren't far behind.

Join our webinar Heat, Health & Hurricanes: Top 10 Ways to Protect Your Life & Property on Thursday, May 13, at 6pm for an overview of what you can do to stay cool, be ready for severe weather, and protect yourself and your family from these threats.

You may even win a free Go-Bag from the NYC Department of Emergency Management!

Register here


HOME INSURANCE (Every other Wednesday)

Register here for Wednesday, May 26, at 3pm


Register here for Tuesday, June 6, at 3pm


Register here for Tuesday, June 8, at 3pm


Behind with your mortgage or need funding for home repairs?

Complete this form and a housing counselor will contact you:

For a complete list of our upcoming events and links to register, click here.


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