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Home Insurance: Wind, flooding and (yuck!) sewer backup

NHS Brooklyn home flood insurance wind flooding sewer backup NFIP policy coverage rain hurricane claim

NYC expects flooding today through tomorrow from 1) rising tides and 2) moving ground water. If you're a homeowner, only a flood policy (NOT a home insurance policy) covers those two events.

If you have a NFIP Preferred Risk Policy to cover your property in case those two events occur, remember: two claims can bounce you out of Preferred Risk into the higher cost Standard Flood Program.

If water comes bubbling up from the drains in your home, check your homeowners policy for the water/sewer back-up endorsement.

ALWAYS check your deductible BEFORE filing a claim!

Still have questions? Our Program Manager for Insurance and Resiliency, Beth Malone, is a former insurance agent. Click here to set an appointment for free one-on-one counseling or to attend a free workshops in East Flatbush, Canarsie, or Sheepshead Bay. (Click the neighborhood to register.) Belong to a civic association or block association? Let her know. She also speaks to groups.

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