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Get Ready for Hurricane Season

NYC is subject to hurricanes and August through October is the season. Two hurricanes in recent memory, Irene (August 2011) and Sandy (October 2012) devastated our coastline and many in the impacted communities are still rebuilding.

Whether you're new to NYC or have lived here all your life, it's everyone's responsibility to be prepared for these extreme weather events.

For starters, when you hear the terms on the news, do you know the difference between a "hurricane watch" and a "hurricane warning"? Check your knowledge against FEMA's definitions below.

Evacuation Routes: Know Yours

If a hurricane is coming and you are ordered by local authorities to evacuate, you should do so. Go here and type in your address, city, and state to find your local evacuation route (which is NOT the same as your hurricane zone).

If You Can't Evacuate

If you can't leave your home, follow these instructions.

Do you know your hurricane zone?

Depending on where you live, you and your home are more or less likely to be affected by a hurricane.

NYC is divided into hurricane zones. To find out yours, go here.

If you live in Canarsie, Brooklyn, we strongly suggest you attend our free public seminar taking place on August 16 from 6-8pm on being prepared for NYC hurricanes.

For more information about hurricanes and how to prepare for other types of extreme weather, visit's Hurricane Tips page.

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