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Eligible for a Free Elevation Certificate ($1000 value)? Find out!

7/29/17 State Senator Roxanne Persaud and NHS Brooklyn Program Manager, Elizabeth Malone promoting Home Resiliency Audits at Sen. Persaud’s Rain Barrel Giveaway in Bergen Beach

On Saturday, June 29, at Senator Roxanne Persaud's Annual Rain Barrel Giveaway, constituents who had registered to receive free rain barrels also had the opportunity to check their current and future flood risk zones.

Eligible residents from Canarsie and Bergen Beach signed up for free Home Resiliency Audits.

When they get their Home Resiliency Plan and free Elevation Certificate (valued at $1000), counselors at NHS Brooklyn will guide them through the challenges of our increasing flood risks and flood insurance premiums.

For how to check your flood risk zone and see if you're eligible for the Plan, including a free Elevation Certificate, click here.

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