NHS Brooklyn at CB 17 Housing B'fast

Brooklyn Community Board #17's Housing & Land Use Committee held its annual Housing and Land Use Breakfast at the beautiful Tropical Paradise Banquet Hall on March 7, 2017.

The Keynote Speaker, Trisha Ocona-Francis, CEO of Real Estate Ocona, LLC, delivered a dynamic address to the audience members. Ms. Ocona-Francis discussed the growing concern of the increase in foreclosures in the East Flatbush area and around New York, current state regulations, predatory lending, community organizing, and unscrupulous developers.

The panel included NHS Brooklyn's Executive Director, Tonya Ores, as well as Deputy Commissioner Ann-Marie Hendrickson of Housing Preservation & Development, Chief of Staff Leila Bozorg of Housing Preservation & Development, Community Liaison Beverly Gooding (representing Councilman Jumaane D. Williams, and Tenant Coordinator Aga Trojniak of Flatbush Tenants Coalition.

The panelists discussed their organizations' strategic focus for 2017, current regulations, and new initiatives for 2017, and concluded the event with a Question & Answer session.

Ms. Ores commended Community Board 17 (CB17) for hosting such an event to discuss the housing challenges and opportunities in our community. "CB 17 needs to stay vigilant in protecting their housing assets and affordable housing. As a committed partner of CB17, NHS Brooklyn will continue to serve as a resource and will provide residents with the tools they need to buy, repair and keep their homes."

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