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Keeping You & Your Home Safe

The following tips are excerpted from the September 2013 newsletter of the NYPD’s 70th Precinct, Brooklyn.


Check your doors and door frame. Should they be repaired or replaced? All exterior doors should be either metal or solid core wood (1 3/4" thick). Glass or thin wood panels, in or near the door, can be protected by installing polycarbonate glazing and secured with one way screws.

Air Conditioners

Should be secured to the window frame to prevent from being pulled out, or pushed in.

Window Gate

On the first floor or on any emergency exit window (fire escape), a gate should be one that has been approved by the New York City Board of Standards and Appeals. (This gate is commonly known as the ''ferry" or "safety" gate and is operated by a latch and not a padlock or combination lock).


Secure an attached garage as you would your dwelling, as it is an access point into your house. Other structures such as an unattached garage, tool shed and storage areas should be locked with high quality security devices that are properly installed.


Illuminate the perimeter of your home, especially the door areas with enough light to see a silhouette. Lights that are too bright will hamper viewing. Install the light fixture out of reach, and in a tamper and weather resistant housing.


Should be cut or designed so that it does not obstruct viewing from inside or outside. Keep a clear view to provide maximum visibility and little concealment.


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