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New Flood Maps

Impact of New Flood Map Adoption

(Assuming no other intervening legislation is passed)

Check your CURRENT and FUTURE Flood Zone

Visit or search online for ‘What is my BFE?’

Property Zone Change: X to AE

A flood policy will be required when the new maps are approved


Current Preferred Risk Policy

  • 1st renewal after maps are adopted: PRP rate but no more than 18% of previous premium (plus reserve fee)

  • 2nd renewal: Will increase no more than 18% of previous premium (plus reserve fee)

  • Cost begins climb to X ZONE CAP (approx. $2600; subject to yearly increases) 

  • Subsequent renewals: No more than 18% of previous (plus reserve fee) until X ZONE CAP is reached

Policy Purchased After Maps Adopted

  • Can purchase at PRP rate for 13 months after date of map adoption

  • Renewals will have no more than 18% increases over previous premium (plus reserve fee)

  • Increases continue at no more than 18% until SUBSIDIZED AE RATE is reached

Properties Currently in AE: Base Flood Elevation Change

  • Rate is Subsidized AE

  • Renewal increase will be no more than 18% of current premium plus fees until ACTUARIALLY SOUND RISK RATE is reached.

  • An increase in Base Flood Elevation on new maps increases the Actuarially Sound Risk Rate.

  • An Elevation Certificate is needed to determine the correct Actuarially Sound Risk Rate.

  • A decrease in BFE has no impact; rating is done on highest historical BFE.

Why should I purchase flood insurance now?

  1. The X ZONE CAP is significantly lower than the SUBSIDIZED AE RATE


Helpful Links

Check your flood zone

National Flood Insurance Program

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