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Your neighbors need your help

Today is Giving Tuesday Now, a global day of giving and unity. What makes this Giving Tuesday different is that it's taking place during a global pandemic, one that has already claimed the lives of over 25,000 New Yorkers.

As predominantly low and low-middle income residents, our clients faced challenges before COVID-19 swept across the borough. But the virus has battered them with new, unexpected burdens, from loss of income to medical bills to having to bury a loved one.

That's why we at NHS Brooklyn have stepped up our commitment to helping them not add losing their home to their troubles.

In addition to referrals to vital resources such as food and financial assistance, our clients need our foreclosure intervention and tenant support to avoid eviction more than ever.

What Can YOU Do? Help us help them.

We're all in this together. By supporting our foreclosure intervention, tenants' support services, referral service, and financial resources education with a donation of any size, you'll do your part to spare your neighbors, their children, and their children's children the trauma of losing the family home or apartment. Here's how: 

  • Make a one-time donation today, May 5: Giving Tuesday. Any amount is welcome!

  • Set up a regular donation -- monthly, quarterly, annually.

  • Ask your company to match your donation.

Click here to make your donation--in memory of someone special, if you choose--with our heartfelt thanks!



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