Could you afford to lose everything?

Updated: 4 days ago

A fire, flood, or falling tree...even a dog bite. They can all cost you plenty and some can even wipe you out.

Could you recover financially if one of these mishaps happened to you? Make sure you know!

Let trusted nonprofit NHS Brooklyn help you know. Homeowners need an insurance policy and we'll help you understand that. Tenants need renters insurance. And depending on their address, may also need flood insurance.

Let trusted nonprofit NHS Brooklyn help you understand what you need, what the policy covers and doesn't, and how much you should be paying.

NO SALES, just education. We promise!

Join us this week for free seminars on:

Home Insurance Wed., Mar. 17 at 3pm. Register here.

For anyone who owns or plans to purchase a house, coop, or condo. Find out what you're paying for and what you're not, and maybe even save some money!

Flood Insurance Tues., Apr. 6 2 at 12pm. Register here.

Strongly recommended for anyone living in or planning to buy a home or apartment in any of these zip codes: 11201, 11209, 11211, 11214, 11215, 11220, 11222, 11223, 11224, 11229, 11231, 11232, 11234, 11235, 11236, 11239, 11251

Renter's Insurance Tues., Mar. 9 at 3pm. Register here.

If you can't afford to be wiped out financially by fire, a leak, or a careless neighbor, this is a good investment of your time. Landlords: You may be interested in this one, too!

For a complete list of our upcoming events, visit

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