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Credit Improvement Workshop (Brooklyn)

RSVP today! Saving to buy a home? Starting a business? Buried in credit card debt? Thinking about how to pay for college tuition, new car, or other major expense, but less-than-perfect credit is holding you back?

Learning about money and how to manage it will help your funds go much further and, by improving your credit, increase the likelihood you'll reach your goal.

RSVP for this FREE (and FUN!) seminar taught by a financial expert to learn where your money goes and how to manage it, so that you can make plans and start working toward them. Topics will include:

  • establishing and improving credit

  • credit cards -- the good, the bad, and the ugly

  • reducing debt and increasing savings

  • setting financial goals

This seminar is part of a larger Housing Resource Fair. Doors open at 10am and the event runs to 3pm, offering a wealth of seminars, info, resources and freebies for home buyers, homeowners, and tenants. All FREE! Why not join us (and bring a neighbor--or three)?

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