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Hurricane Prep Week: Make a Go-Bag!

For Hurricane Preparedness Week, pack a Go Bag with emergency supplies to be prepared for any coastal storm. Create a checklist of items you might need if you were required to evacuate or shelter in place.

- Store one gallon of water, per person, per day - Pack non-perishable food items such as granola bars, or canned foods - Keep a flashlight in your Go Bag, including extra batteries and portable chargers

A Go Bag should reflect the needs of its owner. Pack a Go Bag for your pet and include pet food, a leash and any required medication. If you have a disability or access and functional needs, pack your Go Bag with the appropriate medications and extra batteries if you require a scooter. Call your doctor to refill emergency prescriptions if you have to evacuate.

For more information on hurricane preparedness and assembling your Go Bag, visit, and #hurricaneprep

The Go Bag in the photo includes a rolled-up blanket, canned chicken salad and a notebook with pen, documents in a waterproof bag, first aid kit, batteries, AM/FM radio, flashlight and toiletries.

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