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A free program to help protect homes and finances from flood and sewer back flows.


How the program works:


Step 1: Sign up. Visit www.FloodHelpNY.org and click the blue “Get Started” box. Type your address into the box. If you may be eligible, take the 5-minute survey to find out for sure.

Step 2: If you are eligible, FloodHelpNY will send you an application. Complete the application and return it to FloodHelpNY with the required documentation.

Step 3: Meet with the FloodHelpNY team. If you’re eligible, they will make an appointment with you to visit your home at your convenience and take measurements to assess your flood risk and to determine if you would benefit from a sewer backwater valve.

Step 4:Get your Resiliency Plan, Elevation Certificate & backwater valve review. After visiting, the FloodHelpNY team will:

  • Use your home’s measurements to create a customized Resiliency Plan: an outline of your options for making your home more resistant to flood.

  • Provide you with a free Elevation Certificate (valued at up to $1,000!).

  • Determination if Backwater Valve Installation is recommended.

Step 5: Receive counseling. A professional resiliency counselor will:


  • Review your Resiliency Plan with you to make sure you understand each option.

  • Explain the costs and benefits of each option.

  • Determine if your Elevation Certificate will reduce the cost of your flood insurance.

  • Explain the valve determination.

  • Offer resources and referrals for help with next steps, where available.

Program Benefits:

  • NO COST TO YOU. The Home Resiliency Audit and installation of the backwater valve is FREE. All it costs you is a little time.

  • FREE Engineering Assessment. A professional engineer informs you of your flood risk.

  • FREE Resiliency Plan. Your options for reducing your flood risk are laid out for you and explained a counselor. You may share the plan with contractors, insurance agents, and others, if you wish.

  • FREE Elevation Certificate (valued at up to $1,000). An Elevation Certificate might reduce your flood insurance cost. Your counselor will explain how.

  • FREE referrals to additional assistance. Your counselor will provide direct you to resources and help with the options you choose, if available.

  • YOU remain in control. A counselor explains your options to you in plain language and how much each will cost. You decide which options are best for you (if any).

More Information:

Call Elizabeth Malone at (718) 469-4679 or email her at emalone@nhsbrooklyn.org.

Eligible Areas (Brooklyn Only)

(Click to enlarge map)

  • Bensonhurst

  • Bergen Beach

  • Brighton Beach

  • Canarsie

  • Coney Island

  • Georgetown

  • Gerritsen Beach

  • Gravesend

  • Manhattan Beach

  • Marine Park

  • Mill Basin

  • Mill Island

  • Plumb Beach

  • Sea Gate

  • Sheepshead Bay

Map showing eligible areas for Home Resiliency Program

Insurance Review Workshops

For information and to register for a workshop near you, click here.

Helpful links

FloodHelpNY.org to Check your Flood Zone

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